Thursday, March 16, 2006

the ratings game

the new Pew Report evaluating G W Bush is out... the dissection of data is elegant and leaves one wondering only how it is possible that he is still in command. my favorite section is fairly far down the document- titled In a Word...Incompetent. here, the poll asks people to describe the president in one word. the shift since '03 is incredible.

things have gotten so bleak for the Republicans that they now believe their best chance to maintain control in the fall election is by invoking the spectre of impreachment:

The threat of impeachment, Mr. Weyrich suggested, was one of the only factors that could inspire the Republican Party's demoralized base to go to the polls. With "impeachment on the horizon," he wrote, "maybe, just maybe, conservatives would not stay at home after all."

most baffling at the end of the day is the realization that more Americans feel neutral or positively about Simon Cowell than about their commander-in-chief...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Abbie Hoffman–your cautions resonate louder than ever

This week Republican Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado, in an interview with Fox News radio, said in response to Feingold's action that he has "time and time again [sided] with the terrorists".

Shame on Allard for peddling fear and discouraging dissent. To paraphrase Abbie Hoffman, the strength of a democracy is reflected in the support it gives its dissidents. What is the future of America's democracy if his response reflects this country's treatment of dissidents?