Friday, February 29, 2008

The Great Grey Romney Massacre of '08:

Why SOs should not be left untended with sharp objects, pets, pets that can act as sharp objects, fiber or any combination of the above

having come back from great learning and cavorting at Madrona - well, maybe not cavorting since i was in the full throes of the Knoxville plague - i owe a post about my amazing classes, amazing friends, amazing yarn and fiber and amazing crafting progress. 

this is not that post.

this is the story of how one girl's passionate affair with a precious token of friendship came to a crushing and violent end.

as with cats and mice, while the girl was away, the SO did play. and play. and really really play. he totally rocked out even. so fabulously rockilicious was he, he did not note the profound and fearful effects on his high-strung and pathetically cowardly companion

until he turned round to find that said companion, afeard as only a big dog can be, had mustered his courage by marshalling round him the totems of his new mistress: two felted clogs, a teddy bear, an hypnotically soothing hank of handspun Merino,  and a lustrous and soft hank of Grey Romney to which he had heard his mistress whisper sweet nothings. 

the SO whose name shall not be spoken to protect his identity TRAVIS LAVERNE, being a Muggle, was dismayed to note that the hanks were no longer self-entwined  but instead were all floppy and disorderly. the yarn had not transmuted into another inert substance though, so he shoved it onto a shelf and limited his retelling of the tale to the endearing dishevelment of two hanks, sharing nothing of the loud rockin' out or interesting spaghetti like nature of one of the hanks.

narrowly surviving the plague, our heroine returned home from Madrona to settle back into to her daily life. after wholesale cleaning restoring order unpacking, she set to return her beloved handspun to tidy rightness.

Wolf's Eyes in Snow was easily sorted out and replace, but GAK! the horror, the insanity, the tragedy - her Romney love lay in ruins. so many sorrowful pieces she never had seen in one place. she recalled with hollow heart her care in loading the bobbin, her attention to the yarn's first bath, her joy at seeing the loft. now she would be lucky to have shoelaces! 

after firming tamping down the instinctual desires to kill the dog, yell at the dog, be mad at the dog, kill the SO for misleading her so, be mad at said SO, cry, throw things or check into the nearest hotel, our heroine gently carried her fallen love upstairs to place on the funeral pyre her swift. 

there it has waited these last 9+ days. tonight, emboldened by wine and her desperate need for an US 6 circular, our heroine re-entered the craft room mourning chamber. determined to make for a new tomorrow, she set about untangling the jillion remnant ends to salvage what she might from this once glorious hank. when she was finished, this was the scene:

Grey Romney Massacre of '08

and this was what remained:

Grey Romney Massacre of 08

sob! only these tiny balls were left of a once glorious hank of yarn. the unruly mess on the right is pieces so short i can think of no use for them besides tying hanks on the swift.

there are those who might say that the moral of the story is that one should not hoard handspun for tomorrow anything may happen. 

i would caution those types to hold their peace. the fact i didn't kill the dog or boyfriend does not mean an exception cannot be made now. 

Monday, February 04, 2008

its my birthday...

yes it's today.
i went and worked and taught and learned 
and then i got to play.

[to the catching tune 'It's not my birthday' by the notable They Might Be Giants]

so, yeah, today was my birthday. i got several super-awesome presentsL
  1. Mom and Rol came for the weekend. we celebrated the miracle of getting to enjoy these moments together, laughed, and then celebrated some more.
  2. Travy and i had a Super Bowl party. some friends were present, many far away though very present in my heart. the game was a rousing upset- testament that spirit triumphs best odds. i reflected on my blessings-again some far and some near-and sent a wellspring of love to those far and  deep in wells of grief right now.
  3. Travy and i spent the latter half of the day together just enjoying. i would like to say we went out partying and dancing just because what is to follow sounds a couple decades past our dates... we actually watched silly movies and played backgammon (you heard me) with our kiddos curled around our toes. Mr Head even came out and snuzzled his catnip heart (courtesy of Denise's Toby from Yin and Yarn). 
  4. Mr. Head's biopsy came back and he doesn't have cancer in his nose. we don't really know what IS happening, but i will take 'Not cancer' for today.
so there you go. a lovely, peaceful weekend and day of family, friends, love and reaffirmation of miracles and we even still have cake. what's not to like?