Monday, April 21, 2008

sorrowful rite of passage

today, I got the following:

...the passing of Dr Suzie Peterson, CAL'00. She was only 35 years old. Tragically, she was diagnosed in 2001 with the first prong of what became a progressively debilitating disease.

I am very sad to report that Suzie Peterson finally lost her battle with chronic lung disease on Saturday (4-19-08).
Katie Kangas and I and 2 of our other friends were with her the Tuesday before, eating sushi and drinking wine. She looked good even though she was hooked up to constant oxygen and iv drugs. We laughed and talked about fun stuff. On Friday she took a turn for the worse and they called in hospice care. On Saturday they knew she was close and called the family. She passed at home with her family.

I have known Suzy since she was 19 as a volunteer at my clinic. I watched her through her education and blossoming into an incredible woman and veterinarian. It is so sad her life's dream was so short. I was lucky to have her as a veterinary tech, a veterinarian, and mostly as my friend.

the first of my vet school classmates has just died. those of you who have met me in the flesh know i am not so much the 'Reunion' type, but my vet school class is different. you just don't go through four years of close quarters, 80 hour clinic weeks, endless course work/tests/cramming with 'optional' beer-associated study sessions in the anatomy lab without changing into something closer, into family.

i hadn't talked to Suzie in years, but she was family. kind and gentle with a smile always at the ready. better people than most will ever meet.

damn the tears!

Monday, April 14, 2008


five weeks have passed. five long weeks of clinics. five weeks of minimal crafting and positively spartan blogging.

now that is coming to an end. i am off clinics for one whole month. the expansion of my horizon is staggering. i see flowers everywhere - the trees have been gaily festooned [in my honor i am sure] and the ground fairly bursts with new life.

i am not yet to the point of coherent communication but soon i promise, soon.

in the interim, i am happy to report that what crafting has occurred has been sent tripping gaily along the postal lines to PIB/PIF! i haven't quite nearly completed all four of the packages, but Jeni and Shannon will soon have parcels on their stoops!

actually, i just received an arrival email from Shannon which means i can now share this little monster with you all:

Felted hedgehog

two last bits of joy to herald this clinic-free phase:
1) the pee/poo-a-thon has ended! Mr. Head has had normal poops for over a week and everyone is happier for it!
2) Mom is now on Ravelry (PamelaJoS)! all you Ravelrousers, please give her a big ol' welcome!

*why just Pay It Forward when you can also Pay It Back? at least, that is what the little prezzinator in me was screamin' so PIB i did!