Sunday, October 05, 2008

so sick

a scratchy cough began immediately after super fun times putting in a subfloor with Habitat on Saturday. at first i thought it was irritation from the sawdust. (did i mention i am the standby powersaw chick of doom?)

when it persisted into Sunday, i thought all that healthy fresh air had set off my allergies.

Monday morning, i was still on the fence. after all, i know of no one who has been sick recently. by Monday afternoon, there was no denying i had contracted The Blech.

Tuesday i was so puny that i wasn't even up to managing my email. i actually took a real sick day - you know, like we did when we were kids. just lay on the couch with a box of Kleenex, lip balm, warm compresses for muscle pain alternating with a fan for fever spikes, and plain crackers. i watched some really really bad movies - you would be shocked by the OnDemand selection. by mid-afternoon i was at least able to knit a bit. i wasn't up to watching the presidential debate, but today i was able to sit through the SNL VP rehash. i highly recommend it.

today i think i am on the upswing. i can sit and type for short spells. i can blow my nose without getting dizzy. i may even be able to do some work. that would be good since there is a lot to do before we leave for Colorado Saturday. cross your fingers...

in other news, over the weekend i did put a face on the rabbit,

Ears above

frog the cabled vest,
Cabled denim remains

and almost finished preparing Enid for steeking.
Enid already! Ready for the steek

to close, a photo of Elise as Queen of the Mountain taken during our recent carpet cleaning escapade:
Queen of the mountain