Monday, August 24, 2009

letting go

as may be obvious, i have let go of keeping up with the blog. life is just too short to waste time writing when i could be doing! (plus my tendonitis remains a harsh taskmaster.) some visual catchup...

went to Tennessee eXtreme Wrestling with Habitat friends:

took a student's dog backpacking, had to quit due to tick infestation, rerouted for lake camping with Hab friends:

went to more wrestling. it really sucked but at least we made an unforgettable entrance with our couch:

went on a sweet dayhike to House Mountain here in town:

took up salsa and swing dancing over the last two months, though i don't currently have any photo documentation to prove it. went on a lovely 35 mile road biking loop last weekend. can't wait to try again now that the kinks are worked out of the bike.

been trying to find a house to buy for a couple months. made an offer two weeks ago. currently still unsure whether i am starting over with an offer on a different house today or receiving another counter on the first one based on the house inspection. (my 5 year old niece could put a better roof on without training...) have achieved a new level of zen about all the uncertainty.

met a ton of new friends at a wine tasting party on Friday. hooked up with fast new friends from Meetup for a killer backpack this weekend in the Smokies:

this week i have swing and salsa lessons, salsa team practice, a tango/salsa fusion workshop, semi-mellow hike with friends, possible bike ride, and tango lessons. oh yeah - and today i took off from work to hopefully go boating.

[shockingly - work is good, too.]

as it is wont to do, life will certainly crash about my ears but - for now - it is very, very good!