Monday, August 08, 2005

off to the beach!

Stormy skies
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any minute the shuttle will arrive and i will be headed south. like confused migratory birds, every year about now we head to the panhandle in Florida for a week of 'fellowship', food and fun on the cusp of the stormy season. thunderstorms are expected daily but no hurricanes are anticipated this year.

it should be especially exciting this year as it wil be the first time i see my Mom since returning to Colorado in June. she has continued to make a lot of progress on her rehabilitation that i look forward to witnessing in person.

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every year we endure the threatening experience of birds swarming the wall as fed in the air by the neighbors. it instantaneously conjures flashbacks from The Birds but delights children no end.

Random boy with crab
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and every year i engage in creation of a couple large although usually not very artisitic sand sculptures. in most years, i am joined by a random child who has been dragged to the beach without playmates by its parents. these kids are usually overly tan and captivated by my relative 'oldness' and paleness. here is one such kid with a crab we made on 2003.

after a week of long walks, reading and indolent dining, i will return with pictures and stories. be good while i am gone!


Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Ok you "old" pale girl, lets see some new pics and hear how the vacation went!
Love you,


Jacqui said...

alright already! it is very time-consuming to import, pare down and edit 200 images while allegedly still working, you know. i promise to get something excellent mounted soon!