Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fly me to the moon...

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i make a good auntie. although i have been behind on uploading the pictures, i must admit i rock. not that i am the true visionary in the group. TraV holds that title. it was TraV who made all the right choices for ship controls from the voice distortion unit to the laser guns.

anyway, it was all for a very good cause. it was for Liam's third birthday. Liam is just the coolest kid.

my current favorite Liam trick:
Brack, Liam's dad, asks him, "Do you love Mommy?"
of course, Liam's response, a resounding "Yes!"
then, "Do you love Daddy?"
another resounding "Yes!"
this goes on until we have exhausted everyone Liam knows, all the way down to the pet turtle.
then, "Do you love George Bush?"
an emphatic head shake. "NO! George Bush is trouble."

anyway, check out the rest of the rocket ship photos to appreciate the bubble windows, laser guns with gunports, and advanced navigation system. if this career as a specialist doesn't work out, perhaps i can get a job with NASA?

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