Sunday, July 16, 2006

why Ken Gordon rocks...

from his most recent newsletter (i'll link to it as soon as it is up on their webpage):

Petition in support of Fair Elections: Tom Vilsack, the Governor of Iowa, recognizes the critical role that Secretaries of State sometimes play in shaping the outcome of important elections. To highlight the importance of having fair, honest and impartial election officers, his organization is delivering a "VOTES Declaration" petition to all 50 current Secretaries of State. (VOTES stands for Verifiable, Objective, Tough, Equal and Secure.)

If you care about free, fair and honest elections go to to read and sign the petition. It doesn't cost anything.

The current administration in Washington has done nothing to provide access to affordable health care for people. It has done nothing to help people who are not wealthy or in the pharmaceutical or oil industry. It can either face the justified wrath of the people in the next election or it can divert the attention of the people to some "other," for instance illegal immigrants, which they tell you are the source of your problems.

"Don't let them trick you either here or in Washington.

Smite them with your votes."

go ahead. do it. smite them. all it takes is registering to vote. heck, if you get an absentee ballot, you can even smite them from your home while the Chromehounds server is resetting.


Anonymous said...
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Jacqui said...

if you wish to debate or bring up concerns in a responsible and interactive dialogue, i will happily support it and join in. heck, you might find i agree with and support your POV.

anonymous attacks, however, will be deleted without review.