Monday, April 14, 2008


five weeks have passed. five long weeks of clinics. five weeks of minimal crafting and positively spartan blogging.

now that is coming to an end. i am off clinics for one whole month. the expansion of my horizon is staggering. i see flowers everywhere - the trees have been gaily festooned [in my honor i am sure] and the ground fairly bursts with new life.

i am not yet to the point of coherent communication but soon i promise, soon.

in the interim, i am happy to report that what crafting has occurred has been sent tripping gaily along the postal lines to PIB/PIF! i haven't quite nearly completed all four of the packages, but Jeni and Shannon will soon have parcels on their stoops!

actually, i just received an arrival email from Shannon which means i can now share this little monster with you all:

Felted hedgehog

two last bits of joy to herald this clinic-free phase:
1) the pee/poo-a-thon has ended! Mr. Head has had normal poops for over a week and everyone is happier for it!
2) Mom is now on Ravelry (PamelaJoS)! all you Ravelrousers, please give her a big ol' welcome!

*why just Pay It Forward when you can also Pay It Back? at least, that is what the little prezzinator in me was screamin' so PIB i did!


Cathy said...


And you wanna another Shetland fleece?

magnusmog said...

Oh the guilt! I can't believe I might get a PIB before I've PIFfed!

I'm on the case though there have been craftings and one day it will appear :)

Jacqui said...

nonsense, mags! as you will recall, there are a full 365 days in which to PIF. you have acres and acres of time.

i just have to 'do' in spurts as my schedule allows. ;)