Tuesday, December 09, 2008

my cup runneth over

it has been a strange time since last i wrote. much has changed and much remains in flux yet some things stand constant.

Christmas still fills my heart with heady joy, wonder and an almost maudlin tenderness for my brethen. there is something profound and humbling about the way humans rise above themselves at this time of year to care for those around them and honor those who have gone before them.

over the years, decorating the tree has become more meditative and almost prayerful for me. i find myself savouring the precious gifts life has afforded me and honoring lives lived while still embracing all the living and lives to come. as i finished dressing the tree with my late grandmother and great grandmother's ornaments this year, i could not shake an impression of emptiness, lonesomeness, to the tree. finally, i realized this would be the first year in the history of my particular tree that Mr. Head did not spend beneath it. when the feeling did not pass after a couple days, i decided to take matters into my own hands...

Mr Head, sort of

i am sure he is much happier now.

Christmas in Knoxville

With a heart full of love, joy, peace and thanks, I wish you all a safe, full and meaningful holiday season!


Cathy said...

Happy holidays to you - the first one is always the toughest.

magnusmog said...

Happy Holidays - I think your solution works perfectly :)

Nancy said...

I made the ornament I sent you guys with Mr. Head in mind. My contribution to your tree. Merry merry!