Sunday, June 14, 2009

unbroken streak

for something like the 477th trip in a row, today i reconfirmed that i should never be allowed in a nursery unchaperoned.

for over a month now, i have assiduously avoided forlorn flowerbeds of dying pansies, skeletal remains of last year's geraniums in hanging pots, and the overgrown scraggle that passes for my bushes. because i intend to move this summer, it would be silly and financially daft to invest time and money on their care.

the garden, on the other hand, was already planted and finally has been flourishing. therefore, it seemed only sensible to pick up two pepper plants and one tomato plant to round out everything i have been growing from seed. (not all my tomato sprouts have flourished as one would like.)

although i am not a mathematician by trade, even i can count to three. does this look like three plants to you?

not three. also not three.


three hours and one bee sting later, instead of casting a sorrowful pall on everything in their vicinity, the flowerbeds and pots now complement the day lily bonanza:

Day lily explosion

and the 'back 40':

Garden - June

in the end, i'll take silly over decay any day.

ps. anyone need any lettuce?


Carol in NoVa said...

Well, the green things count as one, the pink things count as one, and the white things count as one, so, yeah, that's three for me.

Denise said...

Your garden is adorable!

And one thing I know for sure now is that the two of us should definitely never go to a nursery together because I think the end result would likely be exponentially more so since I have the same trouble as you and I am a terrific enabler!

vanessa said...

your veggies look great!