Monday, January 16, 2006

too soon

Dear [my Mom],

My name is ** and I have been assigned to your workers compensation claim. I am happy to see that you have made a good recovery after such a traumatic injury.

I am contacting you today to determine if the City of Los Angeles should share in the cost associated with your injury. We would like to know if you are represented by counsel and if a Lawsuit has been filed against the City of Los Angeles. If not I would like to speak with you regarding the events leading up to your injury.

I appreciate your time. Thank you.

i knew the time would eventually come when someone would decide there should be a lawsuit over the accident but frankly none of us are ready or interested. sure, it has been almost a year, but every day brings new challenges for us all. i don't think there is anyone that is really emotionally capable of handling this. of the choices, though, i probably have the most understanding of everything and the most equanimity (by virtue of my geographical distance) so...

if he wants, have him call me at [my computer's phone number] or my cell or email. also, do you want to have Jeanene fax me the accident report so i can speak to him intelligently? i am also happy to call him directly to talk if that would be more efficient.

and we're off.

i had hoped to never have to read the report. i already get sick just remembering the intersection (we accidentally ended up there trying to find dinner one night), but Mom and Rol shouldn't have to face this, especially given current challenges and the guy's obvious cluelessness. i actually am somewhat offended that he approached this the way he did without consulting Jeanene (the onsite case manager for WC). she would have pointed out some of the obvious things-like the fact that a person with a head injury will not remember the accident or immediate 'events leading up to'-and would have brought more tact and compassion to the matter.

the nightmare that goes on and on and on. no wonder we cannot get back to pre-accident living.

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