Saturday, May 19, 2007

if this post was a window,

you would see just the tips of my hair peeking out over the bottom frame. it has been such a brutal and miserable week, it has taken me this long to build up enough energy to log in. now i am finding they changed the coding on Blogger so that Preview doesn't work right with Safari... since i violently hate uncountable things about Firefox, you can imagine my dismay. so what, i am sure, you are wondering has made my week so miserable.

the week started with a Monday of a Monday. Sunday night i slept on the most vicious of mattresses i have ever experienced. then in to work where every case either had emergent terminal disease or slow-death terminal disease. the whole day was spent either performing euthanasia and grief counseling or performing grief counseling toward a future euthanasia. talk about depressing. too miserable and tired to consider changing rooms. certain i would get used to the bed.

about midnight i conceded that i could not get used to sudden spring attacks from an otherwise wooden mattress and resigned myself to a miserable night. but hey- it was just a Monday thing, right?

well, no. unfortunately, this was to be an unshakable Dr. Death week. three cancellations because the patients died before their appointments... easily 50% of the cases i did see were terminal... at least one euthanasia a day... back seized up and migraine kicked in Thursday morning from the ongoing mattress hell... trying to finish the posters for ACVIM with a connection as slow as dial up... and so on and so on...

what else can i say?

Jaywalker socks
Originally uploaded by jacquichris.
i finished the Jaywalker socks while 'on leave'. they are awesome. if possible, i think i might cheat on my love for this yarn. sigh.

over the weekend, while trying frantically to get everything done for ACVIM and for our move to Tennessee, i managed to finish up two preemie burial buntings for Warm Hearts. projects for this fortnight? well, the first one is an afghan for the family of Ryan Christopher 'Stack' Clark. i should have it finished today and then i'll be moving onto a special secret something...

have to get back to my poster revisions... almost no time left before i have to have the posters to the printer. then back to the knitting and love of yarn.

happy knitting all!