Friday, August 03, 2007

a sto-reee!

today i sit down with my coffee just as the MS3 theme and clue go out. having the clue start with the following sentence has made my morning:

We will now be knitting a wing.

i may hate the final stole, i may love it, but waking up to read that has totally made it worthwhile. the discussion of asymmetry reminded me of a silliness from my residency so i am going to break my no recreational typing rule to share.

Internal Medicine is intense. the mortality rate is high, the owners highly invested and the patients usually particularly special (else the owner would never come so far). it can take less than 3 hours to reduce a student to tears so it is important to instantly achieve familiarity with all the 'kids' on a new student rotation. everyone has their own favorite icebreakers. one week, my chief of service Lauren had everyone share the song lyrics they most misunderstood.

one of the guys says, 'You know that song by Stevie Nicks? Edge of Seventeen? I thought for the longest time that she was singing, "Just like the one wing of love."'


'I couldn't figure out what it meant. It drove me crazy. It took me like a year to figure out she was saying, "Just like a one-winged dove."'


[people begin shifting and shuffling uncomfortably]

Lauren started giggling, chuckling, then laughing so hard her face turned purple - i thought she might have to change her pants.

'It's not "a one-winged dove". [gasping for air] It's "the white-winged dove."'

the guy: 'Oohhhhhh. That makes more sense.'

Lauren: 'A one-winged dove?'

the guy: 'I thought that maybe that was why the bird was so sad.'

so here we are, knitting one-winged doves... Lauren would be amused.

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Denise said...

The lyric story was hilarious! I remember reading a website once with all the misheard lyrics people had reported. That's where this story belongs too.

OH, and I love the birthday cake story that you posted on Lara's blog. Ewwww! But funny!
(as the parent of a projectile vomiting infant one learns to find a bit of humor such things!)