Thursday, August 02, 2007

you can only leverage so far

in spite of my best efforts, my computer set-up at home isn't quite ergo (though still way better than my situation at work) so all the typing and computer diagram design i have been doing for my lectures have fried my arms. it is a good thing i will be going on clinics for six weeks come Monday so my arms have time to heal. that means 'recreational typing' is out. on the upside, the tendonitis does not appear to be aggravated by crafting... so here i present craft updates with few words:

MS3, through Clue 4
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here is MS3, through the fourth clue. i couldn't decide whether to lengthen it, and eventually went with the pattern as written. we'll see how that shakes out.

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the Brittania is also coming along rather quickly, given its degree of neglect. last night i started shaping for the armholes for the front. the yarn is remarkably soft (Knit One Crochet Two Angora soft) and i am curious to see how it tolerates my lifestyle.

Hedera socks
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with my Roza's socks completed and two days of lectures at a laparoscopy course to observe, i needed a new sock pattern. after much debate, i started Hedera by Cookie A. the body is a 4 row repeat and easy to perform in low light. i think they are turning out just lovely. i am past the gusset on the first sock.

My first true spool
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after plying off the mish mosh to get empty spools, i began the 'serious' work applying my lesson in spinning. here is my first 'from scratch' spool.

My second spool
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after finishing the first spool with reasonable focus on consistency, i thought i would try making a spool of finer wool. i thought it would help me gain proficiency handling difficult spots in the rovings. it is the yarn on my second spool. unfortunately, i have run out of Shermie. i also am not sure that i can ply the two together. happily, my mentor's spinning group meets this Saturday (1st Sat of the month). i can show her my work and get advice, probably pick up some more of Shermie's rovings, and select something else with which to play.

not shown is the progress i have made on my alpaca fleece and the fleeces that Cathy sent me. they are coming along, but i think one needs a bit of carding to loosen VM. also, i think i am not quite ready for spinning from the lock.

well, my arm's making cranky at me (kinda feels like bugs under my skin), so i'd best sign off.

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Cathy said...

You are doing great with the spinning. Much progress is being made! The fleeces may be a bit advanced but I know you, you'll get there too.
I am still snorting over the one-winged dove.