Sunday, October 28, 2007

here he is...

My first wheel!!
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[or at least i think it is a he. ]

my first wheel.


SAFF was a delight overall, though i was shocked and somewhat dismayed to discover i came home with less than $100 of fiber and yarn, once presents were set aside. [Travy is very disappointed in my lack of stash accumulation, esp since i spent the entire night before planning and packing like i was headed on an arctic expedition.]

i was well-rewarded for waiting on a wheel until i could try them all. i really really thought i would be buying the Majacraft Rose but i did not like her, not at all. it came down to the Lendrum and the handsome devil you see here. after much debate, i ended up committing to my new boyfriend, the Schacht DT Matchless. while i was at it, i also picked up a superfast whorl and two fast bobbins.

Pumpkin eater
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i had dragged my toes on plying up my October SAL and so was able to enjoy using my new fella and a tensioned Lazy Kate for the job. i am incredibly pleased with the yarn. it is 2 plies of the space-dyed Suffolk with one ply of tussah silk from Abby's Yarns. the twist is currently setting and the WPI to follow thereafter.

this weekend i also managed to finish the Sweet Pea stole. only blocking remains. hopefully my lace wires will arrive before i exhaust my tolerance for its current crumpled form. i cast on a crocheted baby blankie for charity and a a second project toward my Christmas goals. [bonus: i learned a new cast-on technique: the Lighter Circular Cast-on. Sweet indeed.]

it is these things that comfort me given the underwhelming interest in the PIF post. if i don't get more sign-ups, perhaps i will just gift Lara thrice?


Cathy said...

YEA!! I especially like it that you got DT and the lace set up. Good for you!!

Denise said...

Congratulations! Someday I will have a Schacht - it's a gorgeous wheel. Beautiful yarn too!

Sorry I didn't comment on the PIF post. I have committment issues right now...

That's all for now. I have been up all night with the incredible diarrhea dog. Ugh. His new nickname is Squirty McTerrierpants. (probably way more than anyone wants to know. I'm going to blame it on the total sleep deprivation.)

Leigh said...

Hi, I got here from a link on Cathy's Catena Expressions. The pumpkin eater yarn is too gorgeous to not comment on! And congratulations on your new wheel! That's a dream wheel to be sure. Did you get it at SAFF?

Spinny Bunt said...

Woohoo! You got a new wheel AND I get more hand made stuff from you. Hee
Are you totally loving having the wheel?
I think a new wheel can be considered stash enhancement.