Tuesday, November 06, 2007

odd ends

my productivity has been poor, both craft-and life-wise, because i continue to struggle with the headache that will not die. two weeks ago, i realized it had been pretty much six weeks with no respite. the allergy meds had finally kicked in but the pain remained...


[copious whining redacted]

in the end, the allergist scripted me antibiotics for sinus infection. the pharmacist was impressed with the dose and duration. keep your fingers crossed.

which is a long way of saying, anything i have been trying to do the last two weeks is late and probably not done yet since my head still hurts.

craft updates:

Sweet Peas
Sweet Peas
Sweet Peas are blocked and lovely. blocking wires made the blocking so much faster and less painful.

Pumpkin eater
Pumpkin Eater after setting the twist. 3 ply of Suffolk, Suffolk and tussah silk. 17 WPI. perfect for socks.

Baby blankie
baby blankie for charity. brainless. allowed me to control nervous energy during meetings without herniating brain.

and i completely missed politics this election cycle. [tsk]

go vote.


Cathy said...

Oh man. Headache that won't move on is the pits. I really really hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

Lovely shawl. Lovely spinning.

Angela said...

Sweet Peas is beautiful!

I hope your headache is better... :(