Sunday, December 16, 2007

the seventh inning stretch of holiday knitting...

otherwise known as 'Next year I have got to make a schedule (and coordinate with shipping windows).'

here it is, one week and some hours before Santa hitches on the reindeer to bring wonder to children everywhere. my trees shine merrily, the bushes twinkle and our shepherd's crooks remind me of mono-color candy canes. the new Christmas movies battle for viewing time against the ever thickening crush of NFL games and 13.4* hours of Christmas music. the Christmas cards i almost never successfully send stare at me from a basket on the wall as if to say, 'This year? Could it be this year that we go to the show?'

holiday knitting has reached a new fervor as projects multiply like tribbles in the night and the shipping window completely closes. for unknown reasons, i have gotten out of the habit of making a Christmas list of my family (blood and otherwise) and their intended presents. as the year has gone by, i have bookmarked certain project ideas in my head for certain people and even stashed some completed objects in my 'gift hutch' as i went. my grasp on time, however, has been poor and it wasn't until the Yarn Harlot began posting her holiday knitting schedule that i recognized how the projects had been queuing up in the background and realized how quickly the month was getting away from me. it did not help that i spent last weekend in Georgia at a Continuing Education series - i could knit neither while driving the 5 hours each way nor while practicing advanced scoping procedures in a live animal lab.

so when this weekend came up fast and furious, responding in kind was imperative...

and respond i did...

but i can't show you any of it for fear of blowing the surprise.

the project list has been beaten back to semi-manageable, but the shipping window is sealing up tight as Mr. Scrooge's purse! there is no ducking the truth- some presents will be late reaching their new homes. sigh.

*my current iTunes tally yet to my bafflement it is still sadly deficient. example: although i have been 'given' it twice and actually received it once (right before the accident so not too shocking it disappeared), i still do not have the Muppets Christmas with John Denver CD.

thank you all for your kind comments upon my friend's wife's passing. after some discussion, i have decided to finish the comfort shawl and donate to a charity auction for breast cancer research funding.

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Cathy said...

Good going on the holiday knitting. I sent gift cards coz my family is knitted out. And crocheted out too.

Somehow, no one "gets" packages of roving so I have to content myself with foisting those on others. :-) Now you know.

Good idea for the comfort shawl. Bless you.