Wednesday, May 30, 2007

catching up

home, sweet home. at least for a few more weeks.

i cannot possibly stress enough how much i hate full blue moons. it is amazing how incredibly psychotic otherwise normal people become on the days surrounding a full moon. first i had to dress down a client to get her to stop calling every twenty minutes and harassing us for lab results not due back for at least another day. she went so far as to claim we were withholding results, had results faxed directly to her from the lab against their policies (probably by impersonating me), and demanded to speak to the practice manager about how results 'can't take that long'. [rolls eyes] at least she had the grace to apologize when i called the following day with results.

next day i have to fire a guy who decided that my honesty about his dog's poor response to treatment and grave prognosis was me 'not caring'. he alternated between crowding my space both physically and verbally in such a threatening manner that i thought we might have to call police, vowing to take me to the Board (basically for being honest) to get my license taken away, and accusing me of lying about being a doctor.

i cheer myself with the knowledge that the next full blue moon is a long time coming...

so to catch up on visuals now that Flickr is back, check out these awesome presents!!!! the first is a delightful surprise package from my pal Denise whom i will hopefully be meeting in person next weekend. her dog Toby also got in on the action, sending my kitties some special treats! Elise, aka Miss Priss, particularly is loving the little catnip hearts so much that i couldn't find the second one to include in the package photo!

Presents from Nancy
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last weekend i come home to another surprise! my dear friend Nancy sent both Travy and I gifts. mine is a hand-made glasses holder for my new professorial reading glasses. Travy lucked out as well- his is a gorgeous necklace. Nancy made both using gorgeous antique beads from Africa.

in the meantime, i was able to send off a super-special care package for Nancy and her petit ami* Dave. for Dave, i made a double knit cap adapting the basic instructions from here to suit. it is to replace a seaman's cap Dave has had so long that the yarn is irreparably failing. tomorrow i will get to find out whether it really fits, or whether their claims to that effect are just politeness.

*okay, he is officially her husband, but petit ami just sounds more lovely.

Surprise socks for Nancy
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the other item is the secret item i couldn't share last month. it is a Cascade midweight sock pattern (don't have it in front of me- sorry!) using Fancy Image Hand-dyed Yarn from another great online buddy Lara who has been having some challenges of her own this moon cycle! Nancy claims she will be the envy of the neighborhood, which may be a bit of an overstatement, but the colorway is so happy that perhaps not.

this weekend i hope to finish the last Blacksburg afghan i will be knitting, so that i can enjoy puttering on small projects without guilt during talks at the big internal medicine convention next week...

of course, i do also have to finish slides for a presentation Thursday, finish an abstract also due Thursday, and reformat a paper for submission to a 'higher-impact' journal ASAP. hmm. maybe the afghan can wait...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

so the original title of this post was...

"a 'quiet' weekend at home" but i didn't quite have an opportunity to post until now.

today i figure i will settle back into routine with so;me knitting posting after a day where even I (who can justify almost anything) lose my empathy for my clients.

but now it turns out that today...

so what can i share?

well... i shipped off the afghans to the yarn shop Mom discovered in Blacksburg.

the weekend was crazy stressful busy but Travy and i got buckets accomplished. i got my bifocals and am now continously disoriented and seasick when wearing glasses (though i trust i will acclimate with time). my flight was unremarkable and i used the hour to finish the first of a pair of Tennessee socks* for Travy. today was so sucky and annoying that i almost wish i could return to Dr. Death week. my new 'neighbors' are moderately noisy but i am getting by. and now the upside is that Panic Room is on TNT and i love Jodie Foster and have never seen it. okay... knitting content to return once Flickr is done with its massage. be well.

*if you don't have some orange-n-white to wear on game days in Knoxville, i am pretty sure they stone you... not to cross the Bible belt or anything (no pun intended)...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

if this post was a window,

you would see just the tips of my hair peeking out over the bottom frame. it has been such a brutal and miserable week, it has taken me this long to build up enough energy to log in. now i am finding they changed the coding on Blogger so that Preview doesn't work right with Safari... since i violently hate uncountable things about Firefox, you can imagine my dismay. so what, i am sure, you are wondering has made my week so miserable.

the week started with a Monday of a Monday. Sunday night i slept on the most vicious of mattresses i have ever experienced. then in to work where every case either had emergent terminal disease or slow-death terminal disease. the whole day was spent either performing euthanasia and grief counseling or performing grief counseling toward a future euthanasia. talk about depressing. too miserable and tired to consider changing rooms. certain i would get used to the bed.

about midnight i conceded that i could not get used to sudden spring attacks from an otherwise wooden mattress and resigned myself to a miserable night. but hey- it was just a Monday thing, right?

well, no. unfortunately, this was to be an unshakable Dr. Death week. three cancellations because the patients died before their appointments... easily 50% of the cases i did see were terminal... at least one euthanasia a day... back seized up and migraine kicked in Thursday morning from the ongoing mattress hell... trying to finish the posters for ACVIM with a connection as slow as dial up... and so on and so on...

what else can i say?

Jaywalker socks
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i finished the Jaywalker socks while 'on leave'. they are awesome. if possible, i think i might cheat on my love for this yarn. sigh.

over the weekend, while trying frantically to get everything done for ACVIM and for our move to Tennessee, i managed to finish up two preemie burial buntings for Warm Hearts. projects for this fortnight? well, the first one is an afghan for the family of Ryan Christopher 'Stack' Clark. i should have it finished today and then i'll be moving onto a special secret something...

have to get back to my poster revisions... almost no time left before i have to have the posters to the printer. then back to the knitting and love of yarn.

happy knitting all!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

what to do in a hotel outside Phoenix

i have been very very busy working out here in Arizona. my day starts at 7ish and i leave at 6ish (including most of Saturday). during that time, i do not stop. not at all. i write files while i eat, i put together treatment protocols while i pee, and i return phone calls while i review radiographs. the clients are high maintenance and/or crazy, the team is understaffed, and the diseases are obstreperous.

did i mention i am having a ball?

at the end of the day, i am too tired to do anything but watch fuzzy limited cable, miss my 'lobster' and cats, and knit knit knit. so what have i made?

Tuesday i finished a secret item using Fancy Image Hand-dyed yarn that was a present from Lara. i can't wait to reveal it but i do want it to be a surprise! can i just say i love this yarn? dearly. so then i cast on item 2.

Friday, i finished the comfort afghan for the family of Ryan Davis. it is Spring Joys by Rena Stevens. i used Plymouth Yarn Encore in colorways 7828 and 389. the afghan will end up being roughly 3' x 3.5' once blocked. can i also say i love this yarn? machine washable, soft soft soft and warm.

so Saturday, i cast on Grumperina's Jaywalker socks using Lorna's Laces in Watercolor, a present from Denise, on US 1 1/2s. this is something for me.

i suspect i will have these finished by the time i get home late late Thursday. if i happen to finish early, i do have one other project with me to start. while home, i look forward to collecting a variety of projects for my next two week stint.

in the meantime, back to knitting and doctoring.

Note to self (and Lara): in future, trying to plan a cross-country move while staying in an entirely unrelated state isn't the wisest or most fun... [rolls eyes]