Sunday, March 09, 2008

closure ROKs!

allergies have left me dizzy and short of breath, and the profound sinus pressure has laden migraine on top of it all. still, i hate to 'waste' free time and am happy to report i was able to use my limited energy to put a few more things behind me before starting back on clinics... after dragging along for months, both Mystic Waters and Valpuri hurtled to completion this weekend.

Mystic Waters has been blocked and is currently drying on my high-tech blocking board:

Mystic waters

Valpuri is so complete, i may wear it to work tomorrow!

if my eyes hang tough, my Rovaniemi wristlets may even be finished today, but first i am off to finish email catch-up.

UPDATE: The Rovaniemi wristlets are fini!
Wristlets of Rovaniemi


Hope said...


Hope said...
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Cathy said...

Nice FOs - I'm impressed.

Ditto with previous post re:Debbie.

Andrea said...

valparuri looks great on you and the lace shawl - I am always impressed to see those cause I don't have the patience and the concentration for such a work.

vanessa said...

wowsa!!!!!!! that sweater is gorgeous!!

magnusmog said...

what a ton of work - the Valparuri is lovely.

Pam said...

Oh my stars, you are amazing! The Valpuri and wristlets are beautiful, intricate and perfect in their delicacy and beauty. I am in awe of you - daily!