Thursday, March 06, 2008

my job is so interesting

one of the great things about my job is that you never really know what is going to happen next. coming from a control freak like myself, that may sound weird but it is definitely true.

sure, i always know i am going to have more planned than achievable. that my To Do list grows more than it shrinks. that each question answered will lead to two more. that no research idea will go smoothly or as planned.

but the unexpected occurs regularly and without fanfare.

i started this week working on lectures i am giving come April. mid-week i got word that a human drug company might finally be interested in a veterinary application and shifted to a hells' bells grant-writing frenzy so i could finish before going on clinics Monday. then Thursday, somewhat out of nowhere, i was trundled over to the zoo to do a procedure on Debbie:

Debbie gets rads


it was really really interesting.

my work was called elegant. my efforts appreciated (though not by Debbie).

Debbie says no!

totally worth the delay in completing the grant.

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