Tuesday, May 27, 2008

beach holiday

there is nothing like going on beach holiday to remind you how long it has been since your last beach holiday!

Travy and i are just back from a week of sun, sand and smiles on Oklaloosa Island, Florida with the fam. it has been 3 years since the family last made a trip to Fort Walton Beach. a lot has changed since then - Grandma left our crew while Travy has signed on, Travy and i moved to Tennessee, i got a grown-up job, many of Oklaloosa's fixtures fell to the last hurricane and were rebuilt and so on...

what hasn't changed?

the sea for one:

(this is a wee video taken with my stalwart Powershot S60 camera from our balcony. the resolution kinda sucks but you get the idea...)

the mighty excellence of a beach walk, a swimming pool
The beach walk Sea otter or man - you decide!

and making sand sculptures...
Gunterschnickel guards Castle Whitdurschnel Gunterschnickel guards Castle Whitdurschnel

if that isn't enough, there is always the joy in each other's company whether at dinner or sea
Rol, Pam, me and Trav Mom, Rol, me and Trav

at 800 feet
Mom and Rol go 'all the way'! Mom and Rol go 'all the way'! Travy and I go 'all the way'

at the bridge table (yes, we taught Travy to play) or at dinner (again).
Bridge is serious business Rol, Pam, me and Trav at Caffe Italia

and of course, there is always the sea (again).


Andrea said...

Envy, envy, envy. But happy for you :-)

magnusmog said...

Here I am in the middle of a Scottish spring with the rain hitting the windows. It looks like a wonderful holiday to me:)

vanessa said...

wow, very relaxing! you mom is awesome in a 2 piece!

Angela said...

You look happy and relaxed!

Denise said...

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I'm glad you could get away and relax for a bit.