Monday, June 02, 2008


although it has taken a while to have much to show for it, i have actually been quite productive on the knitting front. as the objects kept accruing, leaving only dreaded finishwork and/or photos. this weekend, between various 'destroy the allergen' projects, i was able to focus on sewing seams, weaving ends and shiny happy photos (only moderately thwarted by gloomy skies).


Sunburst infant sacque
this is a darling pattern from a vintage book (Columbia Baby Book, 1944) that i picked out for my neighbors' impending baby girl. the sacque knitting up quickly during the Florida trip, with only minimal seaming and crochet trim remaining once i got home. i used about 2 skeins Plymouth Dreambaby DK and US3s.

picking the right buttons was a titch more time-consuming and then there were all those photos! i only wish Travy had taken a picture of the backside of the hems - it really is some of my prettiest seaming. i think my neighbors are going to be thrilled!

Ballet-neck cardigan

Ballet neck twinset cardigan Ballet neck twinset cardigan
a kicky little cardi designed by Annie Modesitt. needles as called for the in pattern but i substituted Gerifil Spaghetti for the yarn, ~7 skeins. it is an entertaining construction but got slightly dinged on my enthusiasm meter for the irritating reverse pattern demands (when adding stitches for the arms). this also pretty much finished itself in Florida, leaving only tedious trimwork for my return. the crunchiness of the Gerifil really makes the pattern pop and will hold the swing. can't wait to see it on Mom to ensure it is truly the 'right' fit (and to get some pictures in better light!).

Rockport sweater

Rockport for Travy
finally, last but certainly not least is the Rockport sweater, by Martha Ann Hoffurann. it is from Columbia-Minerva #763, Hand Knits for Men 1969, Windemere Aran Denims yarn, US 6s and 8s.most of this was hospital knitting, but one sleeve languished quite awhile and then there was about a mile of seaming before the neck could be added. this one still needs to be blocked but i couldn't wait to share...

Adriann'es rib socks
i was hoping rather strongly that i would have all the 'old' projects off the needles before leaving for my annual convention tomorrow. so i would really really like to say that Adrianne's rib socklets are also done, but alas it is not so. mainly because i am 80% sure i haven't enough yarn and refuse to redo the damn things again. if indeed i am short on yarn, i believe i will simply throw the completed sock and its offending mismate in the trash. a shame because the pattern is quite charming (thanks Adrianne!), but i haven't the patience to keep fiddling with leftover yarn when i have such a surfeit of 'whole' yarns in stash. the upside of throwing them away is that the second sock isn't pooling like the first so their mismatedness would persist even if the yarn holds out. grumble grumble.

tomorrow i fly to San Antonio Texas for 4 days of uber-learning, because Texas is really where i want to be in June. sheesh. at least next year it is in Montreal- watch i won't get to go...


magnusmog said...

Good work getting so much done - don't throw out the socks, maybe they could become something else ? :)

vanessa said...

you have been busy girl!