Monday, June 16, 2008

PIF to me!

things have been pretty crazy here in K-ville... after an unsettling but brief post-vacation lull (think stillness before a natural disaster), work came like a fierce tsunami to swamp me. as usual, i was burning both ends of the candle in anticipation of an externally imposed pause. in this case, Roland's hip replacement surgery on Thursday. [after a very rough patch, he safely arrived home today. Mom and i could both use a cookie - her more than me since i had to come home last night for work today. what a ROK star she is - not to mention Roland's amazing grit and good humor!! Roland has high level narcotics so he may not have the same cookie needs.]

amid all the rushing, a fabulous package arrived that has filled me with pleasure - in spite of my having no more than moments with it before flitting off to Nashville.

'what what?' i hear you query... why, my PIF package arrived, courtesy of Magnusmog!

a gorgeous card that i suspect will find its way to my work introduced me to the loveliest and most handy little notebook:

PIF prezzies

then there is this gorgeous felted brooch with which i can dazzle myself and others:
PIF prezzies

and finally the most lovely handdyed, handspun Scottish Wensleydale for which i already have plans! plans for joyous, undulating fuzzy drapey fabric.
PIF prezzies

too bad i have eight jillion several summer projects already cast on. hmm... perhaps it will be my bribe for enduring the long Tennessee summer...

oh, yeah - i don't know why i was so worried about Adrianne's ribs. i finished with almost 12 inches of yarn to spare!
Adrianne's rib socks

stay tuned for the next episode in which Roland gets new slippers, my Syrian shawl gets torn back twice yet i still end up short of yarn for the edging, and i wake from a drunken high aneurysmal judgment blackout to frog an horrific sweater pattern that required US 17s to get gauge.

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magnusmog said...

Hey - I recognise those things! Have fun with them :)