Tuesday, July 22, 2008

goodness from heaven... or Canada...

i get confused. after all, they are both 'up' from Tennessee... right?

after a taxing stint on clinics complicated by the Allergies of Doom, all i have really be capable of the last two-ish weeks is staring vacantly at the walls while entropy molds me to the couch. that has all changed.

thanks to an amazing pick-me-up package from Lara, i have lovely new pretties to comfort me in my time of sloth and eextract me from seat cushions for a swash-buckling laceweight adventure! behold the most glorious of bounty:

an absolutely gor-ge-ous cap to ward off chills, grumpy rays of Planet Zarnon, and the overzealous AC in my office.

IMG_0003.JPG IMG_0002.JPG
here you see the most lovely of yarns, Lara's own handmade stitch markers, and an absolutely killer sock bag. (Gir got his paw in the mix as well, sending me awesome Invader Zim mints.)

finally, the most spectacularly intricate and well-executed sockies. (to truly appreciate them, you really must click through to the larger version.)

all in all, an amazing and unexpected box of joy with just the right balance of toys and 'source' material. what a lucky girl am i!


Spinny Bunt said...

You're so sweet to put all that wool stuff on in the middle of summer! Glad you like it.

Pam said...

Wow! How lovely. I am jealous...if you have any extra stitch markers....hahaha...
Mucho love to you