Monday, August 04, 2008

zoom zoom!!

the hummingbirds returned in force this Saturday. during hummingbird season, my morning ritual is much brighter. there was one bird last year that liked to hover in front of the kitchen window, watching me make my latte each day. i am very happy to report that he seems to be back. for two days now, i have had a companion for the daily 'opening ceremonies'. i plan to remove the window screen, after which perhaps i can capture my pal on camera. in the meantime, please enjoy this series that Travy captured.

Hummingbird contemplates the feeders - which might be tastier?
Hummingbird attacks!

the art glass. definitely. drinks always taste better when served in art glass.
Hummingbird attacks!

oh uh. human in range. better get going before he gets any crazy ideas!
Hummingbird attacks!

happy Monday, all!

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