Monday, September 12, 2005


moose butt
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it has been a busy week of work interspersed with hiking. Tuesday i went to Comanche Wilderness with a friend and enjoyed a delightful 10 mile day hike. sadly, we were turned back 0.4 miles from the lake by a thunderstorm. the icy rain chased us all five miles down, speckling our skin and clothes with 'cold measles' against the radiant warmth created by crystal clear sunshine on our necks and arms. it was extraordinary and magical to look up into the too perfect sky and feel the raindrops come out of nowhere to strike my face.

yesterday i continued my extravaganza- enjoying the hard labor of volunteer trail maintenance. the day started magically with sighting of this spectacular beast just before Cameron Pass. the wind cut bitingly as i braced at the pass for this shot. it was much warmer where we worked in State Forest State Park. the first 6 1/2 hours were fun enough but the last 30 minutes felt hateful as our muscles bonked. the group agreed that before next we go we should practice some songs for our 'chain gang' to help raise our spirits when carb depletion hits.

this week i am back on clinics but next weekend i will be performing seed collection on Quandary Peak. wish me luck!

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