Tuesday, September 06, 2005

top shelf

further evidence why the Christies are the bestest kindest most wonderful people in the whole world:
"I have a quick kitty question. Another cat has appeared in our back yard that appears much larger than kitty and likely older. Could be mom or dad (haven't looked too closely!). Do vets conduct any sort of DNA tests? I thought about hauling them both into our vet and see if they could match them genetically. I don't want to separate a family, and if they are related, we'll need to find a way to reunite them."

and also:
"That's our Kel! Here's an article that appeared yesterday in the Business Week online site describing the actions b-schools are taking in response to Katrina. Kel is quoted in the underline section, and is the ONLY school official cited in the entire article!

I am so proud!!!"

nuff said.

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