Saturday, September 03, 2005


today i have spent recovering from 'hunting' with a friend. he had a late season high altitude deer tag and i had a desperate need to leave town and clear my head. so Thursday we took off shortly after i finished teaching.

i know there are those who think you know me who are shocked or appalled or both. the way i see it is--if you aren't vegetarian, you shouldn't have a problem with hunting (for meat). although i strongly hoped we wouldn't find anything Dennis was allowed to kill, i figured i had no business eating meat if i had a problem with him shooting something.

happily, my beliefs were not tested. although we encountered much wildlife, no deer were seen [photos to follow].

by the GPS, we logged 18 miles in under 24 hours. by my calves, we logged more. and by my soul, we logged enough that suddenly breathing didn't feel like sawing with my flesh against a sharp metal vise.

today i have spent recovering.

tomorrow is the end of deer season it turns out so i leave before the break of dawn for another day of [hopefully unsuccessful] hunting. after which i will either have time to edit and post pictures of baby beavers from yesterday or will be summitting Long's Peak. we'll see how things go.

with love from the frontiers-


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