Thursday, November 03, 2005

Limbo-tastic! UPDATED

oh joy, oh joy!

how low can they low?

for the actual breakdown, go here. or to see the figures against historic 'low-performers' Nixon and Clinton, check this out!


more disturbing history on Alito. what other diseases or contagions are grounds for dismissal? if i may, i would recommend we balance this viewpoint on HIV with authorization to fire right-wing fundamendalists because their bigotry and general hatefulness may also be contagious for the uninformed...


this pointed move by Earle after Perkins' removal from the DeLay case is brilliant. he is excellently showcasing the amazing offensiveness of the original decision and forcing the issue of 'stacking the judge' as a public topic.
"Prosecutors believe Schraub to be ''completely fair and impartial, with a sterling reputation of honesty and integrity,'' Earle wrote. ''However, as the recusal of Judge Perkins reflected, such is unfortunately no longer the standard in our state for the judiciary.''"


depressingly, though, the Alaskan wilderness just became 'Unocal North.' ironically, the WH is threatening to veto the bill because it would hurt payouts to insurers. props to Salazar for voting to strip the Alaskan drilling clause* even though it failed and for campaigning to preserve the 'Do Not Harm' National Parks policy.

*you can check out your own Senator's vote through this link as well.

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those lazy bastard congressman should have oil drilling in their states the damn commies