Friday, November 18, 2005

the personal

though i have been kinda busy with local politics and other challenges. there have been a couple bright spots. first off, two weeks ago , i went roller skating for the first time since i was 10. the rink was a quarter of the size of the one we went to in the Midwest and felt a helluva lot smaller than that. cruising around and around, watching the kids and young adult demographic, talking smack with my companion. all very very fun. think i would rather ice skating--we have two rinks in town but they are always closed for hockey games. may try to plan that. last time i iceskated was a couple years ago in SF.

new climber
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Sunday i took up a new sport: climbing. struggled with the physics of the thing for about 4 hours on Sunday. Sunday night i read online at Rock Climbing and Monday morning picked up 'the' book: How to Rock Climb by John Long. been reading like a fiend.

Wednesday my plans fell through-my friend is certain she has the avian flu-and i figured the blisters were healed enough that they wouldn't bleed all over the wall. back and arms still sore. a bonus in my mind as it would force me to focus more on applying the better understanding i had gained from Long's book. we climbed for about 3 hours Wednesday and it went great! my hands are still not strong enough to really boulder but the improvement in technique helped a lot. loving where i am sore, i decided to commit and spent two hours yesterday buying shoes and a harness kit. will probably wait to join the gym till i get back from impending travels. was considering going back to the local rock gym today but not sure the hands can take it. plans for a group to go to a cool-looking place in Thorton tomorrow so i don't want to blow them out today. will play by ear.

Tuesday i fly hom to TN to see the fam. it has been months since i have seen everyone, strange after the spring. it will be good to catch up with Mickey (Grandma) and the Christies. of course, 24/7 Mom time is top billing. fly home early Monday morning and then straight from the airport onto another flight to San Diego for a business trip. will be staying at the Hotel Del Coronado so work will be pleasantly cushioned but i definitely have some anxiety about returning to SoCal, even if it isn't LA. i have 5-6 hours to kill on Monday and am considering surfing lessons depending on the weather. may play in the spa. any suggestions?

home Thursday and have to submit my prelim materials to my PhD committee Friday am. not that they are done yet. getting a little dicey on a couple of fronts and my advisor (who promised me some focused feedback) is currently in Sweden. still, i have faith that it will work out.

well, that is all from here on the personal front. back to politics soon enough...

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