Sunday, November 06, 2005

PS2 parental control break

when reviewing log files, i recently noticed a huge number of people coming to the site based on the search criteria "The parental level of the player has been set." this revived my motivation to figure out how to kill the stupid presets for parental control. after much searching online, i found the following solution that i can vouchsafe works. the original is posted here but i have pasted it below for reader convenience.

1. Insert a DVD Movie into the PlayStation®2.
2. You should receive a message informing you that the Parental Level has been set, and asking if youĂ˝"d like to allow the disc to play. Highlight "Yes" and then press the X button.
3. A new window will appear asking you to temporarily change the Parental Control to a different level. Again, highlight "Yes", and then press the X button.
4. Another window will appear asking you to enter your Password. Above that window are numbers (0-9).
5. Do not enter your password, but instead, press the select button on your Controller. This will change the text in the window from "Enter Password" to "Delete Password".
6. Using the numbers above the window, input 7444. If successful, you will receive a message stating "Deletion Complete".
7. Press Select. You will now be asked to register a new password. Please select a four-digit code of your choosing.
8. You will be asked to confirm your password selection by inputting the same code once again. If successful, you will receive a message stating "Registration Confirmed".
9. Now you need to turn off the password altogether. The movie should of started playing by now. Press select and chose Setup. Go to the parental control "tab" and set the level to "off".
10. Now you should be able to watch any movie.

now you can go and watch on!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sweet instructions. Now I know how to get around the password on any PS2, but more importantly I don't have to enter 5555 everytime I want to watch a DVD!

ZoKatJo said...

Thanx soo much. I recently bought a second hand ps2 and couldn't get past the password. This is great!
Thanx again,

Anonymous said...

Omg thank you for the help! This is so great. Now i can finally watch some of my movies on my tv instead of on the pc.

Awesome, thx again.

J-ROD said...

Thanks...Worked perfect now my son can watch Alvin & The Chipmunks

Anonymous said...

thank you so much my son got a ps2 from a friend that forgot the we can watch movies....thank you again....