Monday, February 13, 2006

something really nice

i just received my evaluations for one of the classes i taught last semester:

-Dr. Whittemore is an excellent lecturer!
-I assume Dr. Whittemore has a removable hard drive hidden somewhere
because she knows too much to physically fit it all in her brain. The only
question is... where is it stored? And where can I get one?
-clearly knows her stuff, and is able to filter it well and help us mere mortals understand stats
-Funny funny funny
-Appreciated info on utilizing stats effectively
-great lecture
-Good current review

i have started a write-up for the NYC trip but all the other stuff is slowing me down. for those interested, the pictures are up and available here.


Pam said...

Treasure those comments! What a wonderful tribute to your outstanding work and good nature!!! I'm so proud of you - again :) love, mom

Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

All of it true!