Wednesday, February 08, 2006

when life gives you poop

in a startling break from previous luck, my plane got in 20 minutes early which through a strange confluence of events meant i arrived home two hours early.

although some people know of the manmade wrinkles of the past few days, they really aren't worth sharing with 'the group'. the important point is that i really thought we had rounded out a 'three'. i thought that perhaps i would get a day or two to catch up on sleep and make arrangements for my return trip to TN to help go through Grandma's things, arrange for the move, and finish sorting out the nonsense regarding Mom's accident report with the lawyers.

this stroke of good fortune seemed to support that assumption so i was unprepared for the dried sewage all over my bathroom when i arrived home. too tired to deal, i crashed. today i woke up early for a dental filling and now am waiting till i can feel my face so i can eat something. after that, time to tackle the bathroom before my next doctor's appointment.

i think they sell a card on this subject. something to the effect of, 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. when life gives you poop, DON'T.'

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