Sunday, August 13, 2006

the birthing is complete

after a long arduous labor some 11 days long, Grandma successfully birthed into her new life at 6 o'clock Nashville time. it is joyous indeed for her to be now in a place where God's love can be felt so much more clearly, where beloved ones like her son Michael can be rejoined, and where she can laugh once more like the strong and sweet spirit she was - unfettered by pain or shortness of breath.

it is this we must remember and in which we should rejoice - even as we respect and acknowledge the sorrow of our own loss.

the family would respectfully ask that those wishing to send flowers make donations instead to Alive Hospice in her name so that the peaceful and protected passing Mickey was allowed may remain available for others.

please feel free to share cherished anecdotes in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

I'll always carry a memory of Mickey as a fearless adventurer. Soon after Pam and my dad married, I remember getting to know Mickey through stories she shared of her travels to Egypt and of her work throughout the US as a federal appeals referee. I immediately admired her curiousity and independent spirit. She was something to aspire to -- a woman who didn't let life just pass her by. I feel honored to have known her and will miss her greatly.