Tuesday, January 09, 2007

being sick sucks

because i didn't have enough 'fun' when i was sick in December and had to go to hospital, i now have the mother of all colds. i have a croupy cough with miserable congestion and voice loss. my throat feels about how i imagine tenderized meat would, if it happened to still be alive and able to report back on the experience.

i finally had to cave and pick up the Quils, since i haven't slept in two days and the cough drops are only kind of helpful. (i have been avoiding this since they ironically give me a headache.) how crappy i feel was driven home to me when the checkout clerk said, and i quote,

"I hate to say this to a woman, but you look like you feel terrible. Do you need us to get you a ride home?"


wish me luck finding my voice to conclude negotiations with UTK this afternoon...

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