Friday, January 12, 2007

defeating the 'death crud' going around this month

finally starting on the upswing, i have compiled some tips for surviving the Cold of Doom that seems to be circulating coast to coast right now...

1. start the nasty zinc lozenges as soon as you think you might be getting a scratchy throat and don't know why you can't shake that headache. maybe you are not getting sick but why risk it? they are proven to make colds go away faster. by the time i knew i was actually getting sick, i was too sick to pick them up.
2. hot apple cider is easier on a sore throat than OJ and has the same amt of vit C.
3. DayQuil should be taken with food in the stomach. trust me. it is better to eat dry instant oatmeal than take this on an empty stomach. if the first dose doesn't get you, the second will.
4. NyQuil is not a good choice for this cold. remember when Jane Grey got slimed by Toad in the first X-men movie? nuff said.
5. as disgusting as it feels, nothing beats Vicks VapoRub. the shower version is helpful but a tablet is probably good for three or four showers - after 5 minutes, the intensity of the aroma will make you nauseous. [Note: if combined with disregard for #3, expect a burgeoning and intimate relationship with a different fixture in the bathroom.]
6. Mucinex is a good thing. combine with DayQuil for maximal relief.
7. Kleenex with lotion and aloe is your new best friend.
8. you can microwave your buckwheat/rice pack and drape on neck for soothing itch/pain relief without the mess of a poultice.
9. noodle soup can only take you so far. eventually you are going to need protein.
10. you can sleep sitting up if you have enough pillows. in the end you will get more rest than if you alternate between partial asphyxiation and lying down.

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