Saturday, June 23, 2007

catching up

things are finally settling in here in Knoxville. yesterday i was able to brew my first TN latte, though the beans available leave a lot to be desired... i have some leads on local coffee roasters so hopefully that will be rectified soon.

i seem to have partially sprained my wrist so typing has been out for the last few days. i finally was able to find a sock in progress and knit a little yesterday. surprisingly, knitting appeared to have popped something back in place in my wrist, making typing possible again.

the main ongoing wrinkle is that our internet connection is consistently inconsistent; it bottoms out every day around 2pm and slowly restores itself around 6pm. tech support alternates between incompetent ('Let's unplug the modem and power cycle it again.'), denial ('You aren't one of our customers.'), and non-existent ('Ohhhhhhhh. You have a Mac. Ohhhhhhh. Well, the problem sounds like it is outside your house but, since you have a Mac, I just don't know.......... Maybe I should transfer you to Mac support so they can tell you to power cycle the modem...........'). they may or may not come later today to not fix the problem some more.

since the internet will probably be going down any minute, i better cut to the chase.

my annual work conference (right before the move) went well. i had plenty to do between two posters, a talk, rating the resident certifying exam, attending abstract presentations and saying my goodbyes in preparation for my move. the conference was in Seattle leading to a very special treat- dinner with Denise and Mr CPA! it was a wonderful time though i fear i chattered too much (side effect of 6 weeks without any real sleep).

the flight to Nashville went uneventfully. Bear tried to bite a TSA agent but was unsuccessful. the great cat smuggle went off without a hitch allowing both cats to make the move. no luggage was lost. Mom and Rol drove to Knoxville with us to help sort things out. here they are as we celebrate our 'first night' in town with bubbly provided by dear friends Dave and Nancy (for Trav's and my one year dating anniversary).

Falling leaves modded
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what about knitting? i hate loose ends and partial balls of yarn so... after finishing Travy's Tennessee socks, i knocked out these bobby socks using leftover Clown yarn during lectures in Seattle. i started with the Falling Leaves pattern and US 1s (i think) and just modded the top to make a roll-out cuff.

Bobby socks and bruises
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i had leftovers of Regia from Travy's requested matching yuppie socks, so i figured i would make more bobby socks. the pattern i made up as i went along and i'm quite happy with the texture (a simple four row pattern) and fit. [as you can also see, moving is hard work. my bruises have bruises! the tickle of blood occasionally draws my attention to new injuries. i am hopeful the damage will fall off now that the boxes are mostly unpacked.]

current projects- Roza's socks for me and still have to finish up the recalcitrant fish socks. okay. [sigh] have to get back to unpacking.


Cathy said...

Glad you made it safe and somewhat sound. Nice seeing you with Denise too!!

Denise said...

We had such a lovely time at dinner! You certainly did *not* chatter too much! We had a lovely visit and Mr. CPA was glad he tagged along.

Also? I think this is possibly the best casual snapshot of me in recent memory. Perhaps I should go back and have the waiter take more? ;-)
(I laughed about that interaction on the way home, btw, 'hi, you're not our server, but you'll get over it - here, can you take our picture?' too funny!)

Toby absolutely loved your gift too. I have photos for the blog that I need to put up so you can see his complete terrier happiness.

Jacqui said...

it is amazing how well you remembered my 'masterful' manipulation of the waiter. lol.

the kitties are SO happy that Toby liked his presents. they just cannot rave enough about their catnip hearts.