Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tennessee socks!!! (and 'Fish' socks)

if you live in Tennessee (especially KNoxville), you have to have some orange and white, so i have been making Travy some UT socks. i am using Opal yarn in a basic rib pattern on US 2s.

the other sock was almost finished last nght but i am having to frog back to the body. it is Pomatomus in Jitterbug sock yarn on US2s and the slightly looser gauge meant i wasn't going to have quite enough yarn to finish the second sock, so i am taking out one of the repeats in the body (basically back to where it is in this picture) and going from there.

my 'home time' has been productive but very busy. yesterday alone i took Bear in for surgery, Mr Head in for blood work, Trav's car in for surgery, and Trav in for his dental work. whew! we are making headway though. still plenty to do before i head to the airport in 4 hours. it is going to be an exciting trip!!

wish me luck!!

i leave you with a photo of Bear with his 'monkey':

Bear with his 'monkey'
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