Sunday, September 30, 2007

a big batch of wonderful from Denise

so i have a very firm policy regarding presents: i am not allowed to play with anything until appropriate thanks have been rendered. you can imagine my torment the past week as tendonitis, excessive busy-ness teaching, and general malaise- the frontal assault of my current crud- prevented me from documenting this wonderfulness from Denise (and thus prevented my playing with same treasures):

Loot from Denise
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well, perhaps you can't yet- that photo is awfully far away from the fiber at hand... it was the only way to fit it all into one photo! let's move in for a closer look...

Dyed mohair with a silk cap
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first up is a stunningly soft mohair with a silk cap. interestingly, the cap is dyed in the same colors as my favorite t-shirt of all time. it was a tie-dye that looked for all the world like light falling onto the forest floor deep in an autumnal hardwood stand. in this cap we see the purple capturing autumn's last valiant wildflowers, burnt umber of rotting logs and falling leaves, the soft green of mossy rises and underbrush. the dusty angora a perfect match for forest ground, spongy with decay and cushioning to the weary backpacker.

next is a baby alpaca. he has tangled up in the spider's gossamer web during his morning romp. the color reminds me of hot chocolate swirling up with steamed milk.

on to creamy angora blended with Dorset. two bumps of snuggly goodness, perfect for the growing chill as Indian summer deepens into autumn.

here are a coarser Corriedale top and finer Ramboiullet top combed to spin laceweight. the textural contrast tickles my fingers as the subtle variations in hue sooth my eyes.

Baby camel down
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down from a wee* camel tumbles from the bag to snuzzle invitingly against my skin.

ever the mentor, Denise includes detailed instructions on handling the down so i do not set it aside in a fit of panic.

*wee is the camel in my mind's eye, tripping ungainly over her knobby ankles and playful disposition. the down itself makes quite a tumbling hill.

'Internet fleece'
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Denise includes this fleece as a sample of 'horrid' supplies. she notes:
'There is so much of it that it's been the victim for my unskilled adventures in dyeing.'

to this i take exception. victim, my foot! the fleece provided is a gorgeous multi-dimensional burgundy copper. i suspect it will sit unspun quite a while on my desk as a respite for my eyes from the brutal never-ending flicker of the computer monitor! lucky recipient is more like it.

a succulent treat is this- a lovely bit of the Eugene fleece, hand-washed and combed by Denise before heading out for final processing. it truly is soft like butter with a lovely crimp and a gorgeous sheen.

6 bumps of Grey Romney
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finally, we close the tour with six bumps of carded Romney, the color of sea clouds and the softness of fog. already, potential projects for the final yarn twirl in front of my eyes, tumbling one after another in and out of view.

so NOW you can taste my torment, the temptation to just pet this one a little, just this once. i held fast to my 'rule' and now the reward will be even sweeter!

tune in next time as we explore a very thoughtful package arriving from the great land of hockey...

[maybe i will also get around to posting my own craft progress.]


Cathy said...

Wow. Now you will have plenty to experiment with. That Denise - such a friend!

Denise said...

You are so sweet! You made my simple box of fiber samples sound like a poem.

I hope you enjoy experimenting. Let me know if you need more samples. Mr. CPA is always glad to see things actually *leaving* the Basement of Wool.

magnusmog said...

what an embarassment of riches - have fun :)