Monday, September 24, 2007

Block central

my goals for the weekend were to tie up loose ends and minimize wip's. here i am, rating my weekend:

ICU rockers
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to start, i finished up the first batch of ICU binkies. they aren't the cutest, i know, but that is part of my cunning plan to keep them from walking off. they need to last as ICU buddies and that requires nuclear plastic yarn (for the repeated washings in medical grade detergent) as well as a certain lack of prettiness.

Block central
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then i moved on to one of my least favorite craft tasks- blocking. ugh. i find it tedious instead of rhythmic, anal instead of artistic, back bending instead of unwinding.

but... the effort is always worth it.

here lie MS3 (Swan Lake) and the Wine and Roses Mitts, blocking their little fibers away on my (and by 'my' i mean 'Trav and my') most brilliant of discoveries. a new, highly underpriced blocking board as known as 'Dow R4 Sheathing Insulation'. It is sold for ~$12/piece for 4' x 8' x 3/4" at Lowes. i cut mine into thirds to fit in the car then used packing tape on one side to reassemble in a storage-friendly accordian-style. it is waterproof, takes pins easily and holds them well, and is thick enough to move after pinning. i am as close to in love as possible for a non-human, non-yarn item.

Swan Lake (MS3)
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the results?





i leave you with a shot of the mitts frolicking among zinnias:

Wine and Roses Mitts
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Cathy said...

Good idea re:blocking board. Lovely shawl and mittens and even the ICU comfies.

Spinny Bunt said...

Guess I don't need to finish my MS3. I can just use yours! Hee.
I really like the binkies. They're cute in that, "hmm, weird and a little wrong" way. I love that!