Monday, September 17, 2007

gettin' culture

Stepping out with my baby...
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aside from the feeling poorly, i have had two good weekends in a row. two weeks ago, Travy and i went home to my Mom's. we went to a great concert with Mom and Rol at the new home for the Nashville Symphony- Schermerhorn Symphony Center named in honor of the late conductor Kenneth Schermerhorn. the concert marked the debut of the new world class organ and was quite spectacular. Mom got us tickets in a box perfectly placed for watching the musicians. we all had a great time.

since my movements are very limited when i am on clinics, we decided to go back to Nashville this last weekend to spend a bit more time with Mom and Rol. Travy mowed the lawn while Roland trimmed hedges, and Mom and i went through my Grandma's Christmas decorations to see what should be kept and what was just trash. we fit in a trip to the Rec Center which has left me pleasantly sore.

Sweet Peas
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Friday night i got my Ravelry invite. HOORAY! my username is JackieChris. find me! this weekend i feverishly added projects during lazing about time, and have to say the project manager is just awesome. i am done adding projects for the time being and stash cataloging is next. [eek!]

this is my newest lace project, a 'scarf' from Victorian Lace Today. [the colorway isn't as neon as all that, but i don't feel like trying to photoshop it to accuracy this morning.] it is nice and fairly brainless, though i have been tempted to pick up some of these row markers to decrease confusion between sessions. it seems silly to buy them when i have all my own wirework tools, but making my own would require the purchase of supplies and i need to restart another hobby like i need a hole in the head.

Knitted cuddlies
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the neon bunnies are part of a 'service' project. i am making a stash of binkies to keep in our ICU for nervous dogs and cats. it is amazing the difference a binky makes - dogs that are falling asleep sitting up because of fear will curl up and actually rest when they have binkies to 'stand guard'. the binkies will need to hold up to industrial washing, various unsavory fluids [and not be so cute as to tempt people to walk off with them] so i am using cheap leftover yarn and not worrying too much about the esthetics. the pattern is available to Knitting Daily members and is completely brainless. perfect for night-time car knitting. these guys are just waiting for faces, a few more buddies, and a trial wash before they get 'deployed'.

finally, a fellow crafter could really use good thoughts and prayers right now. head on over to share good cheer!


Cathy said...

I have leftover acrylic yarn - want it? I can ship it out to you soon.

magnusmog said...

I love the knitted dog guards, I remember being told to put a ticking clock in beside a lonely puppy so that the noise would remind him of his mother's heatbeat :)