Thursday, June 28, 2007

as you know,

yesterday the move finally brought me to my knees, morose and overwhelmed, like this but with a little more woe:

i work pretty darn hard to keep both my 'whataboutme' and my 'woeisme' valves closed, but life happens. sometimes the Lord sees fit to help me back on track, kinda like this:

but usually i try and help myself before asking for help.

my take when a valve springs a leak is that it is usually an indication i am not doing enough for others. basically, if i am keeping up on my service, the pressure available to blow a narcissistic gasket cannot accrue. even when this isn't the case, upping my service tends to help refocus my internal self on what is truly important.

Shell baby afghan
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i am still remarkably tired though and have to be still a lot - waiting for workmen to repair various things, waiting endlessly at the DMV (90 minutes), waiting interminably for my license plates (only 18 minutes!) so... time for charity crafting. the afghan is turning out to be quite sweet. i got the pattern per se, here. although the pattern itself is quite brainless, it is not completely written up. still, it is pretty obvious how to proceed if you have crocheted any type of shell before.

Travy was quite disconcerted. he stared and stared and then finally, 'You know, I don't think I have seen you use one of those strange needles before.'

me: 'That's because it isn't a needle. It is a crochet hook. I am crocheting.'

him, uncertainly: 'Is this a sign you need more yarn?'

me: [blink] 'No. Crochet is faster than knitting. Warm Hearts is down an afghan crocheter. I hate this stupid (donated) yarn. They need things fast and I want to be done with the yarn quickly.'

him: 'Um, okay.'

even though i still have a headache and everything is still all messed up, i do feel much better today. i am not sure whether it was the crying or all the mindful crochet, but i'll take it either way.

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in other news, i now have three sets of socks in play (fish sock, Roza socks, new ribbed socks for Travy). i have to STOP casting on socks if i am ever to start the lace. sheesh. it is like i leave my brain in the other room for just a few minutes and BLAM! another pair of socks on the needles.

oh, yes. i found the Argosy in the last of the unpacking and it is finally blocked. i wouldn't have thought it possible, but i love it even more.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

in case of emergency...

i have been holding this baby back as an emergency pick-me-up should the moving truly bring me to my knees. as i just spent 30 minutes crying quietly in a bank lobby whilst talking on the phone to Mom, i think today qualifies.

oh yeah. that's right. i guess i am making progress.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

what i see

New neighbor!
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yesterday, we hung most of the paintings and photos around the house. at this point, we are down to finding furniture for various 'holes'. this will probably take some time because we want things to be right and need to wait for our financial reserves to refill!

and now some images from my new home:

this little guy was the first neighbor we met. he was pretty quick to dart away but did wait for me to capture his gorgeous mug on camera...

First bird
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using a genorous housewarming present from Dave and Nancy, we purchased shepherd's hooks and a few bird feeders Saturday afternoon. this is a photo of one of our first visitors Sunday! as you can see, he was quite curious about the silly biped on the other side of the glass.

Rte 66 lily
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finally, this beaut is just for Cathy. the first bloom from a lily we planted off our patio. kudos go to Mom and Rol for their inspiration regarding the yard!

catching up

things are finally settling in here in Knoxville. yesterday i was able to brew my first TN latte, though the beans available leave a lot to be desired... i have some leads on local coffee roasters so hopefully that will be rectified soon.

i seem to have partially sprained my wrist so typing has been out for the last few days. i finally was able to find a sock in progress and knit a little yesterday. surprisingly, knitting appeared to have popped something back in place in my wrist, making typing possible again.

the main ongoing wrinkle is that our internet connection is consistently inconsistent; it bottoms out every day around 2pm and slowly restores itself around 6pm. tech support alternates between incompetent ('Let's unplug the modem and power cycle it again.'), denial ('You aren't one of our customers.'), and non-existent ('Ohhhhhhhh. You have a Mac. Ohhhhhhh. Well, the problem sounds like it is outside your house but, since you have a Mac, I just don't know.......... Maybe I should transfer you to Mac support so they can tell you to power cycle the modem...........'). they may or may not come later today to not fix the problem some more.

since the internet will probably be going down any minute, i better cut to the chase.

my annual work conference (right before the move) went well. i had plenty to do between two posters, a talk, rating the resident certifying exam, attending abstract presentations and saying my goodbyes in preparation for my move. the conference was in Seattle leading to a very special treat- dinner with Denise and Mr CPA! it was a wonderful time though i fear i chattered too much (side effect of 6 weeks without any real sleep).

the flight to Nashville went uneventfully. Bear tried to bite a TSA agent but was unsuccessful. the great cat smuggle went off without a hitch allowing both cats to make the move. no luggage was lost. Mom and Rol drove to Knoxville with us to help sort things out. here they are as we celebrate our 'first night' in town with bubbly provided by dear friends Dave and Nancy (for Trav's and my one year dating anniversary).

Falling leaves modded
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what about knitting? i hate loose ends and partial balls of yarn so... after finishing Travy's Tennessee socks, i knocked out these bobby socks using leftover Clown yarn during lectures in Seattle. i started with the Falling Leaves pattern and US 1s (i think) and just modded the top to make a roll-out cuff.

Bobby socks and bruises
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i had leftovers of Regia from Travy's requested matching yuppie socks, so i figured i would make more bobby socks. the pattern i made up as i went along and i'm quite happy with the texture (a simple four row pattern) and fit. [as you can also see, moving is hard work. my bruises have bruises! the tickle of blood occasionally draws my attention to new injuries. i am hopeful the damage will fall off now that the boxes are mostly unpacked.]

current projects- Roza's socks for me and still have to finish up the recalcitrant fish socks. okay. [sigh] have to get back to unpacking.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

[pardon my French but] moving sucks

it is going as well as one could hope for Day EIGHT of moving, but that doesn't mean it isn't still awful. thankfully(?), the moving truck finally arrived this morning with boxes aplenty.

did i mention i lost a Crystal Palace US 1 1/2 DPN in a 'closed system' never to be heard from again?

i say once more, moving sucks.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tennessee socks!!! (and 'Fish' socks)

if you live in Tennessee (especially KNoxville), you have to have some orange and white, so i have been making Travy some UT socks. i am using Opal yarn in a basic rib pattern on US 2s.

the other sock was almost finished last nght but i am having to frog back to the body. it is Pomatomus in Jitterbug sock yarn on US2s and the slightly looser gauge meant i wasn't going to have quite enough yarn to finish the second sock, so i am taking out one of the repeats in the body (basically back to where it is in this picture) and going from there.

my 'home time' has been productive but very busy. yesterday alone i took Bear in for surgery, Mr Head in for blood work, Trav's car in for surgery, and Trav in for his dental work. whew! we are making headway though. still plenty to do before i head to the airport in 4 hours. it is going to be an exciting trip!!

wish me luck!!

i leave you with a photo of Bear with his 'monkey':

Bear with his 'monkey'
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