Wednesday, January 16, 2008

because PETA made it go away

i have been resisting posting this, but after Lara brought up one of the many many ways that PETA is satan-spawn evil sucks, i find myself helpless to resist. although they could not be bothered did not have the resources to find homes for 3,031 of the 3,042 animals they 'rescued' in 2006 and consider it 'okay' to burn lab animals alive to make a 'statement', they found plenty of time and money to strong-arm Traveler's Insurance to pull a clever, funny and not-the-least-bit-cruel advertising campaign: the Rabbit Foot Reattachment Campaign.

i loved this commercial and can only be comforted because my honey went to great lengths to score me one of the highly sought stuffed bunnies to shore up my morale in these ongoing sick-sick-kitty times.

oh, and i knew it would live on on You Tube... enjoy!

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Pam said...

You are SO right about this! THANK YOU for posting it!!!