Thursday, January 03, 2008

my Mr. Head is sick

even though it only started Wednesday, the week has been challenging. and now it has been a miserable, miserable day.

Monday i went to work to check a couple things. in a good news/bad news twist, i found an approved IACUC protocol waiting.

now, this is a good thing because i have been waiting, begging and pleading for weeks for this in the hopes of completing the study in time for the ACVIM abstract deadline. you see, i have been working with an intern that would like to pursue a residency and getting the abstract in would help his chances a lot. so getting the approved protocol is good.

the bad news is that the ACVIM deadline is Friday at midnight. Tuesday was obviously out. that means we had from Wednesday morning to Friday at midnight to draw samples on 30 animals, convince the lab to run them twice (60 samples when they normally only run two research samples a day), statistically analyze this data and then write up the abstract in time for the Friday deadline.

if that doesn't already sound like a lot to do... did i mention i came back on clinics Wednesday? that we are down one resident because she broke her foot trying to run down a car thief? (no. she did not succeed. the car was stolen, totaled and found at the bottom of a ravine.) that the other resident is quite sick and the students have started dropping as well?

then, last night, Mr. Head didn't want his breakfast.

my Mr. Head not wanting breakfast is like the Yarn Harlot not wanting to knit.

very bad. very bad stuff indeed.

so Bear came to work today to participate in the study... and Mr. Head came to work to find out what was wrong. then Bear came home from work, but Mr. Head stayed there to hopefully get better. we think he has a severe infection in his liver. he has been started on IV antibiotics and fluids. hopefully we have the right diagnosis and have discovered it soon enough.


before this all went to hell, there had been knitting. and spinning. and pretty pictures of knitting and spinning. those will have to wait for another day.

i leave you with a picture of my Mister:


Cathy said...

Good luck to Mr. Head. It'll be nice to see him curled up on your spinning, soon. :-)

Denise said...

Poor Mr. Head! I hope he's all better soon.

I'm glad you'll be here in February for Madrona - it sounds like you could use some fun and relaxation!

Spinny Bunt said...

Did you get the samples done?
Is Mr Head okay?

magnusmog said...

Get well soon Mr Head.

Pam said...

Go, fight, win, Mr Head! We love you!!!