Tuesday, January 22, 2008

spinning progress, part 1

in anticipation of Madrona i am working hard to achieve some closure on stagnant knitting WIP. still, they are growing as stagnant things do - slowly.

Grey Romney delight
my spinning however has been visibly productive. first up is Grey comfort. this is 6 bumps of Grey Romney from Denise with a pre-wash WPI of 16. I ended up with two skeins: 182 and 196 yd apiece. the yarn is remarkably even and i anticipate it will full up a titch with its bath.

Blueberry patch
next is Blueberry smoothie. this is 4 oz of 50/50 Tensel/superwash Merino blend by Spinning Bunny. Sport weight with a WPI 10, 102 yd.

Shetland from Cathy
Shetland/Finn cross from Cathy
Shetland/Black Welsh Mtn from Cathy
to the right is a delightful Shetland medley courtesy of Cathy. from top to bottom, we have Shetland, Shetland/Finn, and Shetland/Black Welsh Mtn. all ended up with WPI ~17 with between 50-80 yards per sample.

yet to photo are Sunshine, Wolf's eyes, and Frootie Tootie. stay tuned!

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