Sunday, September 27, 2009

it can't rain all the time... or can it?

went off for more fun with the Southern Highlanders this past weekend.

Friday night, i hiked in from Clingmans Dome to Silers Bald with John in the dark and pouring rain. amazing sunset in spite of the rain.

glorious sunset, even through the rain

we arrived to meet up with Dave, George, and Vince for a great night of carrying on. (we're all sorry, Warren. well - sort of.)

Saturday: rain. rain. more rain. the rain was so fierce, we never left the shelter. about noon, i ran out of knitting. about two, we were having push-up contests. the rains continued.

John began singing.

i started seriously considering throwing myself from an overlook to end the torment... which is right about the time, Kevin arrived bearing wine and a break in the monotony.

Kevin actually had other plans that night so he hiked out after an hour or two! the rains continued. Dave maimed John 'accidentally'. more rain. Grady and Bobby floated up. more. rain.

Sunday, the rains break and we had a glorious hike out.


composite group photos:

Vince, John, Dave, Kevin, George and me
Vince, John, Dave, Kevin, George and me

John, me, Bobby and Grady

John, me, Bobby and Clark

[Mileage: 4.4 each way.]


JohnQ said...

Who is that great looking guy on the left?

Jacqui said...

vince, of course...