Thursday, September 10, 2009

not to be vulgar...

but i have just popped my cherry on Machiavellian political machinations. i received word tonight that my first foray has resulted in the opportunity to purchase $82K in [badly needed] equipment for my section. hours and hours and hours of misery compiling data, convo-ing with random humans, and writing the dang* proposal actually coming to fruition. anyone see the Horsemen? they must be around here somewhere.

*told my students my goal for the rotation was to work on reducing my cursing... i am totally on a roll - only 4 expletives (one of the students is keeping a tally) in 3 days (and no particularly sailor-worthy ones among them). that is practically Sunday school for a veterinary internist!

much more importantly - photos are up from my Wednesday night jaunt:

and my weekend in Heaven:

wait - that means we are close to TWO almost perfect weeks in a row. seriously, where ARE the Horsemen?

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