Tuesday, September 15, 2009

another weekend in paradise

with the Southern Highlanders:

i hiked in along Wolf Ridge into campsite 95 with John, Jack and Jerky Mike. after socializing with the Highlanders, John and i left our packs and went on a 'stroll' up to Parson Bald... without water, lights or our brains apparently. Song For David kept rolling through my mind. John and i ran into Jack (who had his headlamp) so ran the last 15 minutes up to summit. took a few pix and ran like fleet-footed gazelles down the trail in the near dark till we caught John who we followed back to camp like two wayward puppies. next morning we hiked out along the Twenty Mile Loop. (17 miles total)

came back to this post by Andre Jordan:

coincidence? i think not.

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