Tuesday, July 17, 2007

clickaclacka clickaclacka

Mystery stole, clue 3
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daily doing continues to be a bear here. i have never ever in my entire work experience had such a negative start to a job. ironically, i continue to adore the faculty and think in my heart of hearts that it will be wonderful if i can just hang on to my humor a bit longer. it is so ridiculous that i cannot even begin to explain the situation. what, one might ask, can a girl do to maintain equanimity in such rough seas?

the answer, of course, is knit.

i have taken to lace knitting with relative ease, especially given my current mental abstraction. it certainly helps that MS3 is so beautifully designed. by midday Saturday, Clue 3 was realized before me, all shiny and elegant and soft. i keep her fluffed up beside me on my desk to provide emergency pets. i know she looks a little uneven in the photo, but i keep her wadded up most of the time so the cats don't nest on her...

Socks galore
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with yarn in hand for two lolly summer sweaters, i had motivation indeed to get down below my three project limit.

ker-pow! Travy stripey socks, be done!

the stripey socks look a bit peculiar, i know, when their ribs suck in but Travy finds them quite fab indeed. i went with a simple K2, P2 rib and knit it up using more screamin' Opal on US 2s. (Travy likes loud socks.) the second of my Roza socks continues as well, growing a bit with each morning meeting.

readers playing along at home will recognize that that drops my active project count to TWO. without fanfare or fuss, i swatched Knit One, Crochet Too Angora Soft for Britannia. quite surprisingly, i was right on gauge. Friday i cast on and knit up the first couple inches of the back rib. Saturday, suspicious the slight uneven quality of my early stitches might be the result of Friday's cocktail hour, i frogged it and started over. turns out the yarn is just a titch irregular and i am not.

Britannia sweater
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behold the first skein's worth of work in glorious Orange Julius orange!

i am mix and matching different pattern bits to better suit my frame. it will be interesting to see how things shake out...

alrighty, well, it is time to get back to gettin'. all these grants won't write themselves. sigh.


Denise said...

Your mystery stole is coming right along and it's lovely!

Hope things shake out at work pretty soon.

Spinny Bunt said...

It's too weird that we're using the same stuff for MS3! And you were right, I'm totally caught up. Those bright colours you've been knitting with should help perk you up. Want me to send some more? ;P